Beauty Works The Waver

Beauty Works The Waver



Ceramic Coating - Ceramic coated barrels seal the cuticle to produce shiny, frizz-free results.

Temperature Control - 80-220°C. Adjust temperature control for consistent, healthy results to suit every hair type. Heats up within 60 seconds.

Triple Barrel - This three barrel waver makes styling super-fast and transforms your hair for instant ‘s-shape’ beach waves.

Complete with a heat resistant carry case, ideal for storing, as well as for use when you’re on the go.


UK electrical plug.


Multi-voltage for worldwide use.


How to Use

  • Before you start, make sure you use a heat protection spray, spritz throughout your mane.
  • Taking small sections of the hair at a time, clamp the tool near the root (you can decide how high up you want the curl to start).
  • Hold for up to 10 seconds depending on how defined you want the curl to be, then release.
  • Move the tool further down the same section and clamp again until it’s all waved. (For a more modern, casual vibe, leave the ends straight).
  • Continue this process on your entire head, until you have a wavy, tousled texture.
  • Once you have curled all of your tresses, it’s time to give them that undone, beachy vibe! So grab a wide-tooth comb and comb through your strands to loosen them.
  • Finish with the Beauty Works Wave Maker spray or a texturising spray, ideal for lending that mermaid finish.

Pro Tips
Use a texturising spray before styling to mimic the effect of salt-soaked tresses and add dimension to softer hair, creating a more authentic beachy look.

Instead of curling your hair all the way to the ends, leave a couple of inches free at the tips to create a modern finish.